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the circus animals' return

0. sometimes you have just the perfect spotter and things come together. today i did four press-up straddle handstands, thanks to a classmate! this is joy.

1. i've been riding both my ponies, and i always feel like not enough for either.

2. stjarni is stiff. he's lovely on the trails, and his x-rays are clean (wtff how does that even happen??) but in the ring, he's stiff. he's mostly good for my students, with occasional moments of crankitude. what he needs is to be ridden more.

3. baby o has lost a few pounds, which is annoying (ljufur gained them, arrgh) and i need to adjust everyone's feed. but he's moving better. he is stiff in a weird way -- front-to-back; side-to-side he is jell-o. today we (elf on ljufur) warmed up with circles and shoulder-ins, then went tolting around for approximately ever, in teardrop exercise and then that gone full-arena with circles. he's *starting* to get some whole-spine movement in the tolt! -- only when it gets faster he gets pacy (although blessedly not trotty, today). i need to keep working on letting him have his head to move down, which is a bit rough bc he often thinks a loose rein means OK GO and i am like ....no. he went OMG WUT when i switched the whip between my hands (jell-o sideways did i mention? :) the first time. i keep petting him with it, he knows he's not scared of it and i know it too. but he does like to GO.

4. i need to learn to relax my seat for paciness. i'm just not used to it and i'm all BOUNCEBOUNCE and no.

5. what's funny about o is that i put little kids on him and he's just super chill and careful, and a bit stoppy. he's so great <3

6. i am obsessed with somebody's capt america-based fanfic; i did a cosplay of it and it's renewed. i had previously mentally plotted most of a novel about two of their oc's. then i found THE RIGHT OBJECT on clearance at a store for $4.90 and did the cosplay, and we had a conversation, and now i have a short fic about another of their oc's in mind. so much fun!!

7. and now it's time to join elf my elf and watch steven universe. life, it sucketh not.


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