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more with baby o

i need to get an icon for him. and it's a darn shame i've never gotten much into using tags...

rode him in my lesson today. had half a cup of coffee :) he does rush! but i am becoming more chill about it, and as the lesson went on, i could feel myself becoming ACTUALLY RELAXED and riding with an ACTUAL LOOSE REIN. circles are great, as are shoulder-ins, and figure 8s at tolt and trot. we sort-of-considered cantering, which led to a kind of lead-leg-hopping in front but not an actual three-beat gait. but our rhythm got better and better and better. so nice!

at the end he was PANTING madly (not sweaty though), and that took forever to quiet down. eventually there wasn't much left to eat from breakfast, so i just turned him out with the other boys and fed him candy.

...i need to ride stjarni more, though. he'll be getting cranky....