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adventure with baby o

i have a six-year-old student who adores ofeigur, so generally we use him for those lessons. this past week student's mom wanted to visit a campsite in the forest, so we went thataway on the trail. student has previously been hesitant about going over bridges (these are narrow and wooden and honestly not the safest-looking), but i was just like "sure, fine, let's do it". (i have ridden stjarni over said bridges -- stjarni doesn't mind at all, and he's a couple hundred pounds heavier.)

well. o took the first few bridges fine, but when we came to the one over an actual meaningful quantity of running water, he balked. i could get all four of his feet on the bridge with a treat, but no more than that. i told student to "just sit there" (my go-to advice for most riding situations, tbh) and finally picked up a big stick (we were in the forest, conveniently enough). waved it in the direction of o's behind, and he walked forward perfectly nicely :)

rest of the ride was lovely and uneventful. we went through the relevant campground; o was fine with barky loose dogs and everything. no problems on the way back home.

student's mom said afterwards that she was terrified! -- but kudos to her, because at the time she was completely chill, trusted me and trusted o. more than that i cannot ask.

i wish i trusted me and o better myself. we seem to deserve it -- !


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Jan. 26th, 2017 03:32 pm (UTC)
Ah, the "SRSLY?????" balk. Happens with Feronia regularly. And yes, once she knows the answer is "Yes, seriously" she is just fine.
Jan. 26th, 2017 04:44 pm (UTC)
ha! i'm totally not used to that; stjarni doesn't? but yeah, it's easy enough to manage. i literally waved the branch at his back end and it was over XD
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