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two ponies today

elf my elf is doing mystery hunt (and has snagged my sister into it, yay) so our teacher rode ljufur while i rode o. i didn't sleep much last night so i had caffeine, and in a way it was kinda good? -- because he was goey as always and i was just like YEAH OKAY FAST FAST IS FINE. so we didn't calm down to as good a walk as we sometimes do, but we were good, did tons of circles, some super nice round trot, and what the teacher said is our best tolt yet. huzzah. afterwards i took stjarni in the forest where it was VERY VERY WINDY and he was goey too, and we tolted and cantered and generally ran about like crazy centaur for half an hour or so.

i'm frustrated with various professional things, i guess, but at least my people and my ponies are the best <3