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THREE PONIES (well, four)

today i decided i'd work THREE ponies! -- my two as usual, plus ljufur who i'm always saying doesn't get enough work.

STJARNI: first and foremost :) groomed him, ten minutes liberty work (good trot and canter both directions), ten minutes lunge line (walk and tolt, aiming for flexibility). i was a little concerned about him, because i tried teaching on him on sunday (my barn manager) and it was kind of disastrous; he spooked (!!!!! -- like whuh?) and was a total pill for her. (he was fine when i was on him first.) anyway today he was fine, including basically ignoring snow sliding off the arena roof.

OFEIGUR: he feels all gritty along his spine, so i gave him a little antifungal spray, though i'm not sure it's not just the general dirt of winter. worked him twenty minutes on the lunge, goals being transitions to walk (he tends to trot on) and continuous cantering in a 20m circle. he did pretty great! also unimpressed by snow sliding. good pony!

LJUFUR: he hasn't been wearing a halter because he's been scratching in the paddock, both his face and his butt. so he was entirely at liberty -- i just tossed a lead line around his neck to lead him from paddock to arena. we did "go go go" (trot and canter both ways) and "come here". he sort of slowed down and turned away from a corner of the ring while snow was sliding off it, but he didn't spook or anything. and i massaged him and he was super adorable.

while i am talking about ponies i will also mention about FALKI that he's been on an antiprotozoal medication for ten days, in the hopes that that might have underlaid his digestive problems (recently controlled with beet pulp and probiotics). now his manure is weird-looking, basically well-formed but coming out more stuck-together than separated as is usual? anyway he's got like four days left. then i'll keep him on the probiotics and all for a month or so in case the antiprotozoal has killed off his good biome as well, and then see if he can come off it without return to digestive ick.

...and that's the news today down on the farm... wonder if i'll ever get to see paree?


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Jan. 11th, 2017 06:22 am (UTC)
*beams at you and the ponies*
Jan. 12th, 2017 12:13 am (UTC)
*big dorky grins back*
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