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music review

solarbird, known in music-band form as "crime and the forces of evil", has an ep of songs-in-progress available at bandcamp. (the plurality is essentially syntactic and a grateful descendant of les paul; this is a solo act as far as i'm aware of the studio version, though i once personally provided backups in live performance :) the ep is called "sketchy characters", a fuller album called "dick tracy must die" is in the works.

i checked 'em out -- here's what i thought.

"artefacts" is the opener, a creepy mixed-message of a song -- there's a chord progression seriously designed to chase chills up your spine, and a flute solo that would tell you what was going on, if it only knew. it's not dara's best voice technically, as it goes right over her break back and forth and over and over, but that adds to the sense of dislocation overall. solid as is; it could be produced more, but i can't help but think it would lose something important along the way.

"when you leave" is a classic stalker song. it's not sweet about it like say "every move you make", it's just threatening. be good one to sing when you're pissed off.

"outbirds" has the loveliest bouzouki opening, and the piece would deserve your penny and your moment for that. the lyrics remind me of "games without frontiers", a very worthy hero imho.

"cascadia" also begins with a great bouzouki flare, but does the best job of keeping this high level of musicianship up throughout the song, because it is a national anthem in music without words. it is the showpiece of the collection, because it does the least and does it the best. for those of you who only want to click once and get the biggest bang for your fingertap, here you go:

the device of the dramatic pause is a bit overused, and most of the lyrics as presented are incomplete -- that wants fixin', dara :) in general i'd give this a solid b grade, with potential for a-levels when it's done -- but all the more worth your checking out at this point, whether you're a musician or not, to see what happens when music is being made. it's not the law and sausages; it's growing up and scraping your knee and finding your voice and figuring out what's really scary after all, and it's beautiful. friends, romans, cascadians, lend her your ears.



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Mar. 9th, 2010 08:56 pm (UTC)
OMG thank you SO MUCH for the awesome review! Crime and the Forces of Evil collectively thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you! -_^

You're totally right about the vocals on Artefacts, of course. It's hard. The reason it's the one I've been working on the most is because it's the most difficult song for me to pull together. If I can make this one work, I can make anything else on the final CD work. That, and it actually is intended to lead off Dick Tracy. (Oh, the full CD will will be called Dick Tracy Must Die - this one's title comes from the fact that everything's still a bit sketchy and unfinished, get it? ar ar ar)

Anyway. It's probably bad form to comment on your reviews or something but it's all new to me and I like it here! It's all very exciting! ^_^
Mar. 10th, 2010 01:52 pm (UTC)
de nada, babe; it was my pleasure. i think the only rule is that it's tacky to get defensive for reviews you don't agree with, so glad to hear from you here.

will edit the post for content :)
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