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basically today i couldn't get out of the house for love, money, or ponies.

at the last minute i could go for circus though. i had a private silks lesson with sable, who i haven't taken class from recently, and it was great. we did some hip-key sit-through stuff (they have a different way of managing the silks from sophia's, you put the tail in your armpit and split the fabric with your hands while your head hangs down, then put your leg between and switch both hands to the near fabric) and i figured out a way to get from that to a cool one-leg crochet kinda thing. i did stars and am still good at them. and a 360 drop, which was also fine.

i got scared a couple times because not used to it so much, and also my left hand is a little weird in the ball of the thumb -- set it down funny in handbalancing -- so back on circus candy.

when i got home the dog kissed my cheek.

i mean really i think we're all fucked. so what's left is to go down fighting and having fun, right?


i didn't get into silks (or straps) this session, so i've been just, umm, "cross training" (barre 1 and 2, handbalancing, partner acro). today though i did get in a silks private! the only time i'd been on the apparatus in the last month or so has been a brief bit in arms workshop, so it was... a little scarier than usual?

i worked on my french climb (which i have long neglected, i need to bring my leg further back so i don't get tangled), split silk descent (it's all about turning in the top thigh!), did a footlock climb for the first time, did some wrap things that are still quite easy, did some single stars which was O HAI CAN I INVERT? but yes i can and i pwnz0r them, and some hip key sit-throughs which were ok. i still totally *get* hip keys, even though they are ugly and knee-bent.

all in all i'll take it :)

part of the world

i don't have much to say. i've had some awful arguments with family, my household is variously holding on and hurting bad, and i'm back in pain and back on my meds. and knowing my audience here, i really have got nuthin'.

except my love and best wishes to my friends here, i guess. as best i can, i'll have your back.

omg less pain...??

saturday night the heat went out at the farm and i was crazy cold for a couple hours until the oil truck showed up. felt very sore, took some muscle relaxants and went to sleep. sunday morning i woke up and realized my shoulders were twisted relative to my hips. i did some yoga and went for a run with a friend, and i realized something had released in my back/left shoulder. confirmed that today with bodywork.

i had done a mental exercise (in like ten seconds) based on a workshop about writing for trauma that i invented and didn't actually run (workshop was canceled). i'd also been on a juice cleanse for a day and a half. i dunno.

wtf. wow. wtf. wow.

eh, stuff

i'm apparently permanently stalled on week 5 of the couch 2 5k. did the first run, did half or so of the second, haven't tried the third. *sighs*

went back on a daily med (snri) which makes me sleepy, which i rather like.

rode stjarni in a clinic and have several things to work on for his left-lead canter and right-way trot.

rode o today and he was VERY FORWARD and a little spooky about a car full of barking dogs. i need to lighten my reins and turn him to get him to pay mind to me, and also to relax. damn i hate spookiness. also riding him with a whip lets me cue by his stifles, which gets (excellent!) tolt. and he's finally put on some weight, though he's still too skinny.

sent another inquiring note about the werewolves.

sunk in the mundanity of it all, i remain....


I joined a weight loss bet lash horse rescue fundraiser. Possibly but not nevrssarily consequentkly i just ran. 2 miled 20 min. Alternating 5 min run 2.5 min walk. Pleasingly symmetric.


and in other news of dubious interest, i decided to run to the bank this morning, which was about 1.25 or 1.3 miles in 14:30. (my running app is unfortunately vague. if anyone has an android one that they like -- esp one that doesn't require logging in to some service to use -- i'd love to hear about it.)


i let the dog go out on the back porch with a chewy because it's a beautiful day and she asked to. but then i was busy inside, so she spent the whole time standing by the porch door emitting the occasional yip of genteel distress. now i'm un-busy and we're sitting together outside and she is actually chewing on her chewy :)

(i dunno, i just thought this was adorable, so i'm documenting. you get what you pay for in this journal...)


i have dark hair, except for the bottom eight inches or so which are bleached to gold. someday i will have the zoobs to get it all done in many fancy colors by somebody good at it. meanwhile though i am considering a quick-n-cheep overdye with a brand that's supposed to be good for going over dark hair.

thus and so, i want opinions!

Poll #2055308 hair color!

what dark color should i overdye my hair?


say what ya gotta say


anyone have a good, gentle, supportive tax person to recommend? my old preparer would let me show up with a year's worth of statements and feed me chocolates while he figured everything out. my current one is awesome but requires me to be substantially more adult about doing stuff myself, and i've about driven myself crazy with it. my stuff is pretty complicated (real estate, tenants, several businesses)....

if i take you up on a rec i will buy you the chocolates of your choice :)