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the ponies are doing pretty ok. for the record, right now the work list is:

. stjarni -- keep the old boy athletic! shoulder-ins at walk into shoulder-ins at tolt, looking for the arched neck and rear engagement. work on the trot rhythm to the right.

. ljufur -- wtf is up with his tail?? mtg once a day.

. falki -- keep an eye on his digestion; he has constant trouble with sand :/

. baby o -- feed a second grain meal every day possible; still needs weight!

run and ride

for the last couple days i've had some weird high pulse rates (like 106 on waking, wtf?) so i was scared to work out, kinda. it's gotten a little better, though, and today i went for a run (i haven't been running, either). the run was fine. 6 minutes at 8:20 pace, 3 minutes walk, 6 at 8:20, 3 walk, 90 seconds at 6:20 because why not. i should do more of that.

speaking of things i should do more of: i had a riding lesson on stjarni for the first time in, whoa, like six months or something? he's looking good, but showing the results of being ridden more by beginners and by me just relaxing. it took us awhile to get a clear trot to the right. we need to work on that, and having him round his poll. shoulder-ins at the walk up to shoulder-ins at the tolt, with my inside hand like down around my knee. my instructor saw him evade the bit upwards a couple times and thinks i should put on a noseband? but he *should* be able to get away from beginner hands imho, and when i ask properly he gives me everything anyway <3

in the woods

took six-year-old student on a little trail ride yesterday. he found an "artifact" (a "frozen" fishing pole) and i found CHANTERELLES! first time i've found them in this forest :) kirkcudbright made us a frittata that couldn't be beat....

i insist on calling it progress

i haven't been running worth a damn -- i did a quarter mile at a 7:30 pace and got a cramp and called it quits. also missed hand balancing.

did get to straps. did get a good enough meathook to briefly lighten the pressure on the nominally-optional hand. did get a couple of moments of actual balancing in front balance, and something fairly close to horizontal in this thing where you have one hand up and you kind of lie down on your back on top of the other hand. go me.

ponies -- friday was insane. o had apparently got sand colic, and was lying down and not eating. he had active gut sounds and diarrhea, so i just put him in the indoor with hay and water and a couple hours later he was fine. i schooled stjarni and it has been SO LONG since i just got on MY HORSE AND RODE FOR US. he was of course fantastic <3 for various reasons neither our riding instructor or the farrier came as expected. the farrier did come on saturday, and a large # of lessons have been taught. some day i truly hope to take a lesson again myself...

in other news, i'm at a middlin'-high size for me, but apparently i can still wear kids' xl clothing. so now i have fantastic new shorts, leggings ($6!!! WITH STARS ON!), bras, and a miniskirt. this makes me stupidly happy :)


ran the bike path, which i think is about 1.8 miles, in about 20 minutes. it's about 80 degrees out, which is not too awful?

in non-running news, i fell asleep and missed straps :/


i don't usually suffer from impostor syndrome. but today i had a short story get rejected for the second time, AND got invited to help teach a writing workshop on the other coast alongside peter beagle.


vague running

stupid hot out today. skipped handbalancing :/ ran 5 minutes at 9-minute pace, walked 2, ran 5, gave up.

i mean i am still running, but i don't feel like i'm making progress? i get hot and tired and kind of discouraged, and that's no good.


1.5 miles on a treadmill in 14.31 with my eyes closed. walk 2.29 then a minute at 6.30 pace because why not? I dont think this is a program anymore but hey it is running yeah

Silks yesterday. Flamenco stuff still panics me. Star fine. Layanna. Rollups. Asst russians
Still love swizzle sit


me and my spouses and sister went to the movies today (miyazaki double-feature ftw!) as often happens, the line for the women's can was much longer than the line for the dudes'. as very rarely happens, somebody -- which is to say my waket -- took it upon himself to demux the traffic. there were three stalls and two urinals distributed, and people were directed to the back of the line for the next available.


ongoing attempts

0. been feeling very iffy about my running, so ran 1.25 miles at an easy 9:30 pace. which really was pretty easy. but i had other stuff i had to do, so then i went and did that. should try some longer slow runs, and keep pushing at the 8:20 pace.

1. my sister's in town! <3 tonight we had watermelon agua fresca spiked with plum wine, aka "lesbian sex" :)

2. straps class! i can do arbitrarily slow pull-up negatives, pausing every two inches or whatever. i can do about a quarter of a full pull-up like five times. i can do meathook with a spot. i will need to do a lot more practicing...!