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I joined a weight loss bet lash horse rescue fundraiser. Possibly but not nevrssarily consequentkly i just ran. 2 miled 20 min. Alternating 5 min run 2.5 min walk. Pleasingly symmetric.


and in other news of dubious interest, i decided to run to the bank this morning, which was about 1.25 or 1.3 miles in 14:30. (my running app is unfortunately vague. if anyone has an android one that they like -- esp one that doesn't require logging in to some service to use -- i'd love to hear about it.)


i let the dog go out on the back porch with a chewy because it's a beautiful day and she asked to. but then i was busy inside, so she spent the whole time standing by the porch door emitting the occasional yip of genteel distress. now i'm un-busy and we're sitting together outside and she is actually chewing on her chewy :)

(i dunno, i just thought this was adorable, so i'm documenting. you get what you pay for in this journal...)


i have dark hair, except for the bottom eight inches or so which are bleached to gold. someday i will have the zoobs to get it all done in many fancy colors by somebody good at it. meanwhile though i am considering a quick-n-cheep overdye with a brand that's supposed to be good for going over dark hair.

thus and so, i want opinions!

Poll #2055308 hair color!

what dark color should i overdye my hair?


say what ya gotta say


anyone have a good, gentle, supportive tax person to recommend? my old preparer would let me show up with a year's worth of statements and feed me chocolates while he figured everything out. my current one is awesome but requires me to be substantially more adult about doing stuff myself, and i've about driven myself crazy with it. my stuff is pretty complicated (real estate, tenants, several businesses)....

if i take you up on a rec i will buy you the chocolates of your choice :)

beta reader wanted for a friend?

hey, would any of my trans women friends be willing to beta read a piece of romantic fantasy fiction for a nonbinary writer friend of mine? they're an awesome writer and would like to run it by a relevant sort of person on its way to submission. thanks!

this week in love

spent three days in bermuda with waket and my snorkel gear and the underwater camera he gave me for my birthday. i suspect i had a better time than he did, but i had BEST VACATION EVAR. he's my favorite traveling companion.

came home and celebrated 16 years of marriage with elf my elf with toscanini's ice cream.

been hanging out with a neuroscientist friend who i've loved since we started living together when i was sixteen.

i often feel like an inadequate person when it comes to love, but truly i am blessed beyond all reason.



the ponies are doing pretty ok. for the record, right now the work list is:

. stjarni -- keep the old boy athletic! shoulder-ins at walk into shoulder-ins at tolt, looking for the arched neck and rear engagement. work on the trot rhythm to the right.

. ljufur -- wtf is up with his tail?? mtg once a day.

. falki -- keep an eye on his digestion; he has constant trouble with sand :/

. baby o -- feed a second grain meal every day possible; still needs weight!

run and ride

for the last couple days i've had some weird high pulse rates (like 106 on waking, wtf?) so i was scared to work out, kinda. it's gotten a little better, though, and today i went for a run (i haven't been running, either). the run was fine. 6 minutes at 8:20 pace, 3 minutes walk, 6 at 8:20, 3 walk, 90 seconds at 6:20 because why not. i should do more of that.

speaking of things i should do more of: i had a riding lesson on stjarni for the first time in, whoa, like six months or something? he's looking good, but showing the results of being ridden more by beginners and by me just relaxing. it took us awhile to get a clear trot to the right. we need to work on that, and having him round his poll. shoulder-ins at the walk up to shoulder-ins at the tolt, with my inside hand like down around my knee. my instructor saw him evade the bit upwards a couple times and thinks i should put on a noseband? but he *should* be able to get away from beginner hands imho, and when i ask properly he gives me everything anyway <3

in the woods

took six-year-old student on a little trail ride yesterday. he found an "artifact" (a "frozen" fishing pole) and i found CHANTERELLES! first time i've found them in this forest :) kirkcudbright made us a frittata that couldn't be beat....